Introducing – AVON Elements in Campaign 13

Debut of AVON Elements, a new skin care regime for Summer 2013

AVON Elements

AVON is launching a new personal skincare beauty regimen for Summer 2013, Campaign 13.  These products are ideal for a quick and easy beauty routine, but without the anti-aging appeal and a good value at under $13.  You can choose one of the following to suit any skin type or need:  Skin Revitalize, Youth Restoring, Moisture Boost – Normal, and Moisture Boost – Oil Free.  Each type has a key natural ingredient, “science inspired by nature”, as it were.  These product are Hypoallergenic (suitable for sensitive skin*) and come with the AVON guarantee.  You can mix or match them to address your specific issues that you feel are important to your personal skincare regime.  This skin care line is an enhanced replacement to the Solutions products that were discontinued after Campaign 9.

Skin Revitalize

If you want more even skin tone, silky smooth skin, diminished dark circles and reduced puffiness under eyes, then this is the regime for you.
AVON Elements - Skin Revitalize
Key Ingredient:  Aronia Berry Complex, designed to deliver the look of more radiant, even-toned skin.
Instant Radiance Lotion.  Improves tone, texture and clarity.  1.7 fl. oz. 
Regular brochure price $10.99     Customer Price $9.99
Item # 771-450
Night Radiance Creme.   Renews the look of skin overnight.  1.7 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $10.99     Customer Price $9.99
Item # 077-768
2-in-1 Brightening Eye Roller.  Visibly brightens under-eye area and reduces puffiness.  .4 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $12.99
Item # 077-720
Youth Restoring
If you are looking for healthier, younger-looking skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, then maybe this could be the products you are looking for.
Elements Youth Restoring
Key Ingredient:  Amethyst Mineral Complex, a moisturizing formula designed to visibly soften fine lines and restore the look of healthier, younger-looking skin.
Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller.  See the youthful spark to eyes restored.  .5 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $11.99     Customer Price $10.99
Item # 066-696
Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream.  Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  1.7 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $11.99
Item # 066-514
Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Cream.  Fine lines appear faded, skin looks healthier.  1.7 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $11.99
Item # 066-715

Moisture Boost


If you want more deep, lasting hydration for your normal skin or to balance out moisture in combination or oil-prone skin, then try the Elements Moisture Boost products.

Elements Moisture Boost

Key ingredient:  Sea Oak Complex, has the ability to hold 10X its weight in water for moisturizing to the max.

Normal Night Cream.  
Skin looks and feels replenished.  1.7 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $8.99
Item # 067-640
Normal Daily Moisture Lotion.  Instantly increases moisture by 264%.  4 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $8.99
Item # 067-707
Key Ingredient:  Camellia Tea Leaf, helps to reduce excess oil and deliver a shine-free complexion.
Eye Cream.  Eye area feels hydrated and refreshed for hours.  Targets oily and dry areas.  1.7 fl. oz.  (can be used with both the Normal and Oil-Free Regimen)
Regular brochure price $8.99    Customer Price $7.99
Item # 067-692
Oil Free Night Gel Cream.  Skin looks and feels smoother… and re-balanced. 1.7 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $8.99
Item # 067-620
Oil Free Daily Moisture Cream.  Skin looks balanced…cheeks feel hydrated, T-zone looks shine-free. 1.7 fl. oz.
Regular brochure price $8.99
Item # 067-688
AVON recommends that when choosing the products, you select a night cream first, and then select a day cream.
For optimum results of your personal skin care.  Apply day and night products to cleaned, dry face.  Use with any Avon Elements Cleanser.  Use Brightening Eye Roller for 5-10 seconds under each eye.  Glide the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller under each eye.
*All products are suitable for sensitive skin EXCEPT youth Restoring Anti-Wrinkle Eye Roller and Night Cream, which are hypoallergenic only.


AVON Elements Cleansers

3 ways to Clean
Formulated with an extract of edelweiss, a symbol of purity from the Swiss Alps.
Noncomedogenic (does not clog pores)
Can be used with any AVON Elements Lines
Campaign 16
Moisturizing Cream Cleanser
Purifying Gel Cleanser
Campaign 19
Refreshing Cleansing Wipes
Free shipping on $30 direct delivery order. Use code “FSC13” on checkout.
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