Why an Avon Skin Care Regimen?

Let’s talk about skin care regimens. Quite simply a skin care regimen is the routine you follow each morning and evening when you cleanse, moisturize with sunscreen and treat your eye area.

97% of Dermatologists agree, “The best way to treat and protect your skin, throughout your lifetime, is to start a daily anti-aging skin care regimen as early as possible.”

Taking care of your skin allows you to improve the appearance of your skin and to address your personal skin care needs so you always look your best.

Of course, once you experience the benefits of using the products and see the value Avon offers, you’ll be happy with the results you see in your skin.

I want to offer you my personal service so you never have to worry about running out of the products you need for your skin. I’ll remind you when it’s time to re-order and I’ll make sure you have the products you need whenever you need them.

Begin with an ANEW cleanser to clean out your pores, remove impurities and prepare skin for moisturizers and treatments.

For daytime protection, apply an
ANEW day cream with SPF sunscreen.

In the evening, use a
night cream. Choose from the same category as your cleanser. Both will hydrate your skin and reduce signs of aging.

Treat your eye area with an ANEW eye treatment.  
Each is designed to complement your day and night creams and treat the vulnerable eye area with extra care.


Whatever your needs, ANEW has a line of products designed to help repair your signs of aging.

Our updated quiz shows the latest Anew products and innovations.  Answer 5 easy questions to receive your customized Anew anti-aging action plan.

After you know what products are best for you, I can order the entire regimen for you.

Just a reminder that today is the last day to order from the Campaign 2 brochure.

You can still order from the Campaign 3 and 4 brochures…

Preview Campaign 5 sales begin Friday, February 10

Contact me to place an order.

Karen Herndon

Avon Independent Sales Representative

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